• Contributions can only be accepted from US citizens and foreign nationals with permanent residence in the US (i.e., those holding “green cards”).
  • Contributions must be made by the individual supplying the funds.
  • Pseudonymous and anonymous contributions are not allowed.
  • Contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes.
  • Contributors must provide their legal name and home post office address with every donation.
  • To give an aggregate of more than $200 for either the primary or the general election, your occupation, employer’s name, and city or town of business must be provided.
  • The maximum aggregate contribution on a cumulative basis is $10,000 per election cycle per contributor ($5,000 USD primary + $5,000 USD general).

By Mail

Send check payable to Andrew Prout, 6 Raven Drive, Hudson, NH 03051.

Credit Card

Please process your credit card through my page at Anedot.

Hudson and Pelham (Hillsborough 37)

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